Activities for Kids at Home During the COVID-19 Quarantine

Who better to share activities for kids than, well…a kid?? And her mom. 🙂

In this time of concern, confusion and complication that surrounds COVID-19, sometimes it’s nice to calm the mind and put energy into the simple things.  Like crafts and activities for kids, as you’ll see in this special video above, courtesy of Maui Video & Marketing owner Kiaora Bohlool and “mini co-host” Kiana.  

In this video, which was filmed and edited by both of them, they line out fun, easy things to do in different parts of a house or apartment.  These are activities for kids and adults alike that purposely don’t take a whole lot of high-level brain focus!!  For example, homemade recipes can be as fancy or as basic as you choose.  Decorating and planting pots is a peaceful way to spend time outside.  And you’ll see what’s known in their household as “The Drawing Game,” which is simply about folding paper and drawing, just always spurs creativity and laughter!

As a crafty kid, Kiana has a few other activities that involve just paper and some creative folding, in case your art supplies are limited.


Kiaora and Kiana made origami hearts as Valentine’s Day cards for friends! If you want an easy activity for kids that will take up some time, here’s one!!

Did you know paper was first invented in China around 105 A.D.?  Monks brought it to Japan in the sixth century, where the tradition of folding paper slowly grew beyond ceremonial purposes and into the recreational and artistic realms.  Kiaora and Kiana first learned how to fold origami hearts as Valentine’s Day cards; a sweet, simple craft that’s easy to remember and repeat.  But there are scores of different types of origami if you search online; another favorite example is an origami paper container, which can hold small gifts for an occasion, or display treats as part of a table setting.

Paper Fortune Teller

The folded paper fortune teller continues to entertain through the generations!!

It goes by many names, but chances are, you know it!!  It’s the paper finger game most of us played as a kid; parts of the “fortune teller” are labelled with colors or numbers for a player to choose from, which eventually leads them to eight flaps on the inside, each concealing a message. It’s actually considered a form of origami and is pretty mellow to make.

Homemade Board Games

A math-based homemade board game can actually be great fun!!

Kiana is a whiz at making her own board games, even crafting game pieces out of paper and cutting out rectangles for cards.  A really simple one is to put math equations on some or all blocks of the game path, which also sneaks in a little learning with the play.  Or go with a vocabulary theme, where players have to name a noun, adjective, verb or adverb — or spell types of animals, foods, plants, jobs, etc. — within five seconds if they land on certain spots. If you don’t have dice at home, you can even make your own out of cardstock!

Activities for Kids Don’t Have To Be Complex!

Bring out the craft supplies — and focus on creativity, calm and collaboration!!

Other paper-based activities for kids off the top of Kiana’s head??

  • Write and illustrate your own story book
  • Add a magazine to the mix to make a collage
  • Create “Thinking of You” cards to send to friends and family — they could probably use a little love in the mail right about now!!

With so many students out of school these days, it’s nice to not only keep them active and engaged, but also savor the time we have TOGETHER to find joy and unleash our imaginations.  We at Maui Video & Marketing wish you peace, calm and creative inspiration, in whatever form it takes…whether it’s a funky video project with your family, or folding paper over and over and OVER to mellow out your mind!!  Let’s get through this together.  #MauiStrong