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Marketing Videos

Filmed in HD, edited with graphics and delivered in digital format, these powerful marketing tools can be posted on websites, embedded in emails and uploaded directly onto social media pages. Video length can vary, since styles range from T.V./Yelp/website ads to “Who We Are” stories to in-depth, documentary-style pieces. Each video is accompanied by a write-up or post that enlists company keywords, bolsters the brand and entices people to watch. A marketing video can also be packaged as a Video News Release (VNR) to accompany a written press release and help illustrate a newsworthy message, with content made available to T.V. and web news media for their use in coverage.


A “vlog,” or video blog, is a quick instructional or entertaining expression via video, typically around one minute in length (to ft on social media sites), and no longer than three minutes. Ideally, vlogs maintain a consistent monthly or quarterly presence for reliable branding; they can also be alternated with written blogs to communicate a dedicated business voice. A vlog is shot in HD and delivered digitally and/or on social media.

Social Media Videos

A quick and simple format, social media snippets are filmed via smartphone and posted as “Live” videos, in social feeds and/or as brief stories. Great to capture moments at events and action on the job. If desired, we can feature your logo, graphics and photos as the video plays, even on the “Live” platform. These videos can also be reflected on websites and paired with written blogs for a diverse array of uses.

Recruitment/Training Videos

Go beyond the typical employee manuals with in-house training and recruiting videos. These can help staff visualize a certain method, explain different roles and responsibilities, or attract new employees as your company grows. Whether for internal communications or customer outreach, we can demonstrate a particular product or take an operational process step-by-step using HD video footage, graphics and narration. These work well to illustrate a series of skills, tasks or company principles to help maintain consistency and common ground in the workplace.

Pricing varies with video length, services requested and package
discounts. Please Connect with Us to learn more!